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"The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets." 
- Will Rogers
Getting Ready to have your taxes prepared?
Now it is time to gather your paperwork and get ready for that marathon known as completing your tax return. Both Federal and Indiana have made a lot of changes again this year. But having a professional help you every step of the way, from knowing what questions to ask to filing it electronically for you, makes the process much easier and smoother.
Here are some checklists to help you get ready for your appointment.
These are simple reminders about tax items that would be necessary for preparing the most accurate tax return possible.  Obviously, we can’t include every situation, but is a good tickler to jog your memory of items that might be pertinent to your specific tax return.  Please review them carefully. 
"The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax."  -Albert Einstein
Income Tax Services...
All of our tax preparers receive extensive training each year.  With our many years of experience and our commitment to continually investing in education, we are able to offer you our excellence in income tax planning, preparation, and representation.
Our Tax Services include...
  • Individual Tax Returns
    • Individual Tax Planning and Preparation
    • Out of State Returns
    • Non-Resident Returns
    • Retirement Planning
    • Prior Year Return Review and/or Preparation
  • Business Tax Returns
    • Business Tax Planning and Preparation
    • Business Entity Consultation 
    • Business Start-Up Consultation
    • Partnerships
    • C Corporations/S Corporations
    • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
    • Non-Profit Business Returns
  • Free Electronic Filing
  • Consultation
 e-filing Your Tax Return
                   Why should you e-file?
Each year, more taxpayers are learning how safe, convenient and timesaving e-filing can be.  

Reasons for e-filing your tax return(s) include:
  • You'll receive your refund in half the time.
  • E-filing is the most accurate and fastest way possible to file your tax return. 
  • You receive an acknowledgement from the IRS, so you know your return has been received and accepted.
  • You can file your federal and state tax returns together in most states.
  • You can pay your balance due electronically when you use an authorized IRS e-file provider.
Numerous security measures are in place to ensure your tax information is as secure OR more secure than tax returns sent in the mail. 
  • Only pre-approved software can be used to transmit your tax information to the IRS.
  • To transmit your tax return electronically, each tax professional must be an "Authorized IRS e-file Provider".  The IRS conducts background checks, including fingerprint verification, of all approved electronic return originators (EROs).
  • The information transmitted is in a format that is hard to read compared to traditional paper tax returns. 
If you haven't filed electronically before, consider doing so this upcoming tax season.  Remember, Indy TABS will e-file your tax return(s) for free!
2013 Tax Updates