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Going Green
Offering Going Green services is our voluntary, socially responsible paperless system to reduce our carbon footprint on the world.
In helping us help the environment, you will also be helping yourself. This program helps keep your rates as low as possible and provides more secure, efficient means of product delivery.

Some items that you will receive via email (instead of via postal service) include:

Tax Organizer
By providing you with a tax organizer at the beginning of the year, you will be able to gather everything needed to prepare your tax return efficiently. 
Tax Return
No more waiting on the postal service or finding time to pick up your sensitive material. As soon as your return is completed, we will email it directly to you for your review. Save or print it. We can always resend it if misplaced or lost. 
Invoice Statements
With paperless billing, you will receive your invoice by email, providing you with the option to pay online using our secure website. This ensures payment is received in a timely and secure manner. 
Monthly e-Newsletter
With regulations and legislation continuously changing, this lets us keep you up-to-date and limit any "surprises" come tax time. With customizable features, you can change your email options at anytime via our website.
Going green can also enhance the service that you are used to receiving from us:
Tax Information Delivery
There is no need to mail or drop off your tax information. You can scan/email or fax it to us. Transfer of large files that cannot be attached to an email can be done through our file upload service on our website. Your original tax documents remain in your possession, providing peace of mind. 
You will be able to print and sign the proper forms needed to e-file your return from your email. Once signed, you can scan/email or fax to us to expedite the filing process. You don’t need to mail anything. 
Email Coorespondence
Use of e-mail as the primary source of correspondence expedites response times. All information is confidential, and is not released to third parties unless we receive specific instructions from you. All tax sensitive information is sent password protected, unless again you instruct us to do otherwise. 
Don’t worry; we are happy to send out our normal “goodies” such as the calendars, letter openers, and other items each year.

If you have any questions about our Going Green service, please click here to email us.
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